Meet the creator

I am Constantina and this is my story:

You can say that I came to the profession of being a wedding photographer by taking a long journey around the spiritual world and the world of the Arts.

I have experimented with all kinds of photography styles- from magazines and fashion to family portraits and children, and from travelling and architecture to advertising products and nudes. The road lead me back to “My Sunshine Photography” which is a family business in Cyprus that holds up for over 30 years and has helped me develop my creativity and the love of the still picture and wedding photography.

As an individual, I seek the truth in my human nature and my passion for arts has helped me develop a sensitivity in all forms of life. I am an explorer and a storyteller, full of curiosity and appreciation for the moments that transform us.

My pictures don’t just represent a happy feast or another party. I search deep for the moments that connect the couple in the holy union- I look for the glance that represents the true love, from the pure smile, to the warm eye contact and the soulful hug.

I always shoot with natural colours and I aim for liveliness and balance in the frames. The more I make the couple feel easy and expressive with me, the more magic is fused into the still moment.

If you feel like you want to be part of the magic, the only thing you have to do is say it

I will be in contact very soon to explain how we are going to create wonderful things together.

I want the magic!